Unlock your customer data

Access your Ideal Customer Profile in minutes by using innovative ML/AI technology

Build your ICP profile instantly

Let Pattern tell you precisely who to sell to

Customer Segmentation

Segment and cluster your customers based on similar firmographics

Connected Data

Connect your CRM data and see an instant data quality score

Data Cleaning

Clean and enrich your data automatically with a single button click

Use your ICP for sales territory planning

Let Pattern show you where to focus your team


See where your ICP customers are on a sales territory heatmap

Team Visibility

Cluster your sales reps by performance and territory

TAM Management

Target greenfield opportunities and TAM whitespace based on territory

Map your marketing strategy to your ICP

Let Pattern show you where to invest your marketing spend


Build focused marketing campaigns around ICP leads

Lead Sources

See your top performing lead sources across numerous variables

Categorical Data

Plot categorical data to gain a whole new level of customer insight

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