Predict customer outcomes

Lead Prediction based on your Ideal Customer Profile

Prioritize your leads

Let Pattern show you which leads are most likely to convert

Automatically Generated

See your leads automatically scored on a 3×3 matrix and scatterplot

Based on your ICP

See your ICP profile of your leads, instantly and automatically


Export your scored leads to your favorite sales engagement platform

Identify upsell opportunities

Let Pattern predict which accounts are most likely to spend more


See a sales territory heat map of your best opportunities


Get accurate sales forecasts, auto-generated by machine predictions

Predict Upsells

Predict the amount of dollar-value upsells for each customer

Predict customer churn before it happens

Let Pattern reduce your risk of customer loss

Probability based ML/AI

Predict which customers are likely to churn based on a probability score

Customer Experience

Use your ICP profile to improve customer experience and NPS

Churn Over Time

See where your customer churn is happening over time

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