Let Pattern take notesshare commentshighlight key moments for you

Pattern™ is your brilliant new teammate for every meeting

Attend, record, transcribe

Pattern will change the way you meet

Attend and transcribe

Pattern™ will attend meetings with you and transcribe them automatically. You can even delegate Pattern™ to attend meetings for you, when you can’t be there.

Meeting playback

Meetings today cover complex topics. Pattern™ will play back your meeting and screen shares– and even let you adjust your playback speed.

Meeting insights

Pattern™ does more than just take notes and transcribe meetings. Pattern™ analyzes your meetings and shows you important meeting insights and discussion patterns such as who spoke, when, sentiment, and more.

Highlight Key Moments in every meeting

Let Pattern show you what matters

Sentiment Analysis

See the sentiment in every meeting to understand how others are reacting at any moment


Set up keywords to track topics you care most about

Discussion Review

Filter discussion and keywords mentioned by individual attendees

Comment & collaborate

Pattern will help you collaborate on meeting notes & insights

Share Comments

Add and share comments about the meeting with your teammates

Private Messaging

Share private comments about the meeting with selected teammates, fully unviewable by others– plus have piece of mind that every meeting is fully encrypted

Share Clips

Share abbreviated clips of key meeting moments

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