About PatternAI

The story and people behind our intelligent machines

About PatternAI

As senior consultants at McKinsey & Company in Silicon Valley, we noticed a pattern: The best companies in the world were quietly using ML/AI to transform their businesses…but most other companies lacked this powerful new technology.

Even companies with data scientists can’t keep up with the rapidly growing need to unlock enterprise data at scale. We started PatternAI™ to bring the revolutionary power of ML/AI to the mass market through the development of Intelligent Machines (IMs).

What We Do

PatternAI deploys Intelligent Machines, or “IMs”, in the cloud. Our “IM’s” are akin to personal robots for business.

They are intelligent systems that operate in the cloud, and they are specifically trained to analyze data for specific business problems. They are fully autonomous machines, made for everyday business user.

Our unique perspectives.

We see a future where…

tomorrow...The best data analyst wont be an MBA - but a machine

Data point: In 2021 PatternAI developed an automated intelligent machine that can cluster customers in seconds.

Tomorrow...the best strategy won't come from a team - but a machine

Data point: In 2016, AlphaGo beat world champion Lee Sedol at Go, the 2,000 year old strategy game with more possible outcomes than atoms in the universe.

Tomorrow...the best scientist won't be human at all - but a machine

Data point: In 2020 DeepFold AI accurately predicted protein folding and solved a complex problem that has eluded the best scientists for 50 years.

In our view, a world full of intelligent machines is a certainty

We have a clear vision for that future, and we are executing on that vision today

PatternAI is a team of amazing people creating intelligent machines to solve complex problems.

We work hard everyday to to bring ML/AI to the everyday business user. Our goal is to bring value to the world by using ML/AI to make your business operations more efficient. 

Behind every great machine is a team of great people

Meet the PatternAI team

Some of the great companies we come from

Greg Tapper

CEO, Co-Founder

Krupa Galiya

Data Scientist

Andrew Hickey

Head of Product

Krista Hill

Head of Customer Impact

Vansh Jatana

Data Scientist

Hannah Madison

Account Executive

Marshall Maher


Andrew Stewart

Head of Data Ops

Roman Zhukov

Full Stack Engineer

Igor Karayev

Engineering Lead

Rajab Shakirov

Senior Backend Developer

Irina Potrebko

Frontend Developer


Kaan Simsek

Data Science

Mike Jaron

Machine Learning

Dave Wehner

CFO, Facebook