Welcome to the Future of Work

In the future of work, AI will do work for us

Whether you’re a sales leader reviewing sales calls, a marketer analyzing voice of customer at scale, or an analyst pouring over spreadsheets and 10Ks, PatternAI can do your work for you in seconds. Experience the Future of Work--where AI does work for you.

PatternAI is the ultimate conversational intelligence platform.  It attends meetings for you, transcribes conversations, creates to-do lists, and more - even if you're not there.

Welcome to the Future of Work

Pattern™ is an advanced personal AI for work

Soon everyone will have a personal AI for work. Whether you’re a Sales leader analyzing sales calls, a Marketer identifying voice of customer at scale, or a Financial Analyst crunching through 10Ks, nothing can match the productivity and power of AI. 

PatternAI represents the next generation of personal computing, where AI does work for you, with stunning intelligence and speed. Welcome to the Future of Work-- with PatternAI your side.

PatternAI is the ultimate conversational intelligence platform.  It attends meetings for you, transcribes conversations, creates to-do lists, and more - even if you're not there.

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Personal AI for Work

PatternAI can do so many things for you-- like attend meetings with you (and even for you) and transcribe, summarize, and analyze your meetings. But that’s just the start. You can even “Talk to Pattern” and ask any question about your meetings, or any document, or any of your data-- and so much more.

See what else can Pattern do for you

See below for just a few innovative ways Pattern can help you do more at work -- and these are just the start.

AI Use Cases

PatternAI can help you do your daily work faster and better, in a single trusted AI platform for any AI need.


Voice Of Customer in minutes

If you listen to Gong or Chorus calls for VOC, PatternAI will change how you work. You can ask Pattern about any call--or even hundreds of calls at once--and ask Pattern to generate a detailed report. You can even give Pattern your Gong or Chorus calls to get previously unavailable insights. 


AI Notetaker for CSMs

CSMs aren’t sales reps. So why are CSMs using “call recorder" software designed for sales? PatternAI was built for you: a personal AI Notetaker that takes meeting notes, extracts tasks, and gives you a summary; and generative AI that can generate a detailed CS plan for you.


Improve customer Service with AI

Only PatternAI can analyze thousands of conversations across meetings, calls, support tickets, emails, Slack messages, and more. Best of all, Pattern isn’t a public ‘chatbot’. It’s your own personal trusted AI for work-- and it can do desktop tasks and work for you.


AI Notetaker for sales

There’s no replacement to having a PatternAI Notetaker on every sales call. Sales reps get verbatim meeting notes; Sales leaders gain 100% visibility. Mimic the best sales teams, and manage deals using PatternAI Notetaker instead of sales rep recollection and memory.


Define your Product roadmap with AI

Product managers and engineers are too busy to review call recordings or tickets. Pattern can analyze thousands of calls and support tickets at once-- with an unmatched token window over 100K tokens-- and synthesize your customer insights, pain points, and needs in minutes.


Complete your Desktop Work in Minutes

As your personal AI for work, Pattern can complete nearly any desktop task for you in minutes. From creating a status report, to analyzing multiple spreadsheets, to summarizing a long email chain, Pattern will complete it for you in seconds and change how you work.

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  • Personal Generative AI

One personal and trusted AI for all your Work

PatternAI will help complete any desktop work for you-- with stunning intelligence and speed

PatternAI will change the way you Work. You’ll wonder how you ever did it without PatternAI at your side

Pattern can do so much for you. It can attend your meetings with you (and even for you). It can complete your work in a breeze--from creating a document, to analyzing a spreadsheet. You can ask Pattern to generate any output or answer any question for you. Best of all, Pattern is yours.

Pattern will change how you work, by doing work for you


PatternAI integrates seamlessly with a growing number of your favorite SaaS apps and tools, to help you get more value and intelligence from your data

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innovative ai use cases


Every day, your team manages countless meetings, conversations, documents, and tasks. PatternAI can help you complete your work in minutes.

Personal AI for any desktop task

It’s complicated and risky to give your data to different “AI apps”, or to use public chatbots. PatternAI is safer and better. It’s one personal trusted AI for any desktop task.

AI Notetaker for your meetings

It’s difficult to take comprehensive meeting notes and also be engaged in the moment. Let Pattern be your trusted AI Notetaker and faithfully capture every meeting detail.

Talk with Pattern about your meetings 

ChatGPT doesn’t have access to your meeting data. Only Pattern is entrusted with your meetings, so you can “chat with Pattern” about your conversations any time.

Review many meetings at once

Only Pattern gives you true conversation intelligence across many meetings; no other AI Notetaker can do that. Nor can chatGPT, Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet.

AI meeting delegate

If you can’t attend a meeting, Pattern can attend for you (or even several at once), then give you a detailed meeting summary, and even answer any questions you have. 

Sync Your Meeting Summaries to CRM

If you’re still manually updating your CRM with meeting notes, use Pattern. Pattern will automatically summarize your meetings directly into Salesforce or HubSpot.

Leverage your own data for AI outputs

Creating content takes time. Small “AI apps” can’t be trusted with enterprise data; and chatGPT content can’t be copyrighted. Leverage your own data and get better outputs

Pattern can analyze any document

With an unmatched context size of 100K tokens, Pattern can analyze any document-- from a PDF, to an Excel file, to an entire email thread or Slack history.

Your personal AI data scientist

If you’re still creating pivot tables and Excel formulas to analyze data, give Pattern any Excel file, PDF, or document, and ask Pattern any question about it

Get your own personal AI today, with PatternAI