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We believe, tomorrow, all of us will have personal robots that will do our work and solve our most important problems.

Intelligent machines will solve even the most complex problems.

Our mission is to empower people and businesses with the world’s most trusted and intelligent AI. We see a future where intelligent machines such as PatternAI will transform our personal lives and reshape how we work.

Our mission is to empower people and businesses with AI tools that solve complex problems and drive real results. We envision a future where machines enhance productivity and innovation, reshaping how we work.

our story & mission

As former consultants at McKinsey & Co. in Silicon Valley, we observed a pattern: The world's best companies were quietly using AI to revolutionize their organizations. At the same time, most other companies were being left behind in this emerging AI future. We started PatternAI to bring AI to the mass market of companies and individuals for work. 

Our mission is to make PatternAI the world’s most trusted personal AI for work. We are already leading the market and executing on that vision today. 


At PatternAI, we believe in the Future of Work. In that future, everyone will have a personal robot and AI for business. Some robots will work for us in factories and warehouses, some will work for us in the cloud. Pattern is a robot that works for enterprises and individuals in the cloud, and we believe Pattern will reshape the way people work.

We invite you to experience the Future of Work-- with a PatternAI robot at your side. 

This person does not exist. It was generated by AI.

In our view, a world full of intelligent machines is a certainty.

We are already executing on that vision today, and we invite you to experience it with PatternAI.

Tomorrow, your best analyst won't be an MBA or data scientist, but AI.

In 2020 PatternAI developed the world’s first AI that can cluster customer segments across dozens of dimensions in just seconds.

Tomorrow, your best strategy won't come from a brilliant team, but AI.

In 2016, AlphaGo beat world champion Lee Sedol at Go, the 2,000 year old strategy game with more possible outcomes than atoms in the universe. We believe business strategy will become a game played by AI-- and the most trusted and intelligent AI will win.

Tomorrow, your most trusted colleagues won't be human at all, but a machine.

In 2020, PatternAI developed the world’s first truly conversational AI for meetings. Today Pattern has become the most trusted colleague by enterprises and users around the world. We invite you to experience your most trusted AI colleague, with PatternAI at your side.

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Experience the Future of Work, with a PatternAI robot at your side

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