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AI Notetaker

Pattern will transcribe and summarize meetings for you-- even when you’re not there

Generative AI

PatternAI is enterprise-grade GPT (currently GPT4) built with security and privacy for you


See meeting insights and hidden patterns in conversations, unavailable anywhere else

Talk to Pattern

Ask Pattern any questions about your meetings-- including many meetings at once

Plans & Pricing

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STARTER - Personal AI Notetaker for meetings

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The new way to meet– with your own AI Notetaker at your side.

Your personal AI Notetaker for meetings & more

  • AI Notetaker to transcribe Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet meetings
  • Automated meeting summaries and more
  • Unmatched transcription quality
  • Custom keywords and topic analysis
  • Global transcript search by keyword, speaker, or company
  • Speaker sentiment, talk time, unique meeting engagement metrics
  • Create, save, and share custom clips of key meeting moments
  • Automated task extraction, including by action item owner

ENTERPRISE - personal aI for Work

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Empower your entire team with a personal AI for work

Everything in Personal, plus

  • Unsurpassed analytics, unavailable elsewhere in the market
  • Import & analyze transcripts from Zoom, Gong, Teams & more
  • Automated customer segmentation, ICP analysis and voice of customer
  • Predictive analytics based on conversational insights
  • Advanced integrations
  • Technical support, including data scientist support, included



Billed annually

The new way to meet– with your own AI Notetaker at your side.

Your personal AI Notetaker & more:

  • Record Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, more
  • Automatic meeting recap
  • World-class transcription quality
  • Speaker sentiment, talk time, engagement metrics
  • Automatic keyword tracking
  • Global transcript search
  • Comments and reactions
  • Delegate meetings
  • Safe, secure and encrypted



Billed annually

Empower your team with intelligent meetings.

Everything in Personal, plus:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Import & analyze transcripts from Zoom, Gong, Outreach & more
  • Customer segmentation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Advanced integrations
  • Technical support

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On Demand


Google SSO

Outlook SSO

Calendar integration




Meeting Recaps

Customzed sharing


Clip creations

Collaboative notes + comments


Conversational Intelligence

Sentiment analysis

Keyword detection

Speaker identification

Global call searching

Generative AI

Meeting Summaries

Talk to Pattern

Automated Tasks

Chat PDF

Polished transcripts

Security & Compliance

Customized compliance message

SOC Type II compliance

Single sign-on (SAML/OIDC)


Team management

User roles & permissions

Enforce org level policies


Live chat

Dedicated onboarding & training

Team specific training

Self service knowledge base

Frequently asked questions

How does PatternAI pricing work?

PatternAI pricing is based on the type and amount of AI services you consume. You have the option of per seat pricing for PatternAI Notetaker, or you can purchase based on usage. Pricing for our industry-leading generative AI platform known as @Pattern is based on AI usage.

Why are other AI Notetakers cheaper?

PatternAI is the world's most advanced conversational AI platform, purpose-built for enterprises. PatternAI has invested millions of dollars in areas such as proprietary data science algorithms, data engineering, data security, natural language processing and more. Indeed, PatternAI spends more annually on data engineering and data security alone, than many new "AI apps" have spent on their entire platform. For enterprise capabilities and trust, PatternAI is unsurpassed.

In addition, transcription costs and AI processing for Pattern AI Notetaker for meetings are significantly higher than alternatives because most AI Notetaker vendors do not have internal data science capabilities. The vast majority simply make an API call to a cloud based transcription provider and simply send you the output. They do not add value to the original AI, because they don't have AI capabilities. We think that's an important distinction.

We have a different perspective. We don't believe AI is a commodity. We believe sophisticated enterprise teams-- across Sales, Marketing, CS, Product, and others-- want more than a repackaged AI output produced by another cloud service. The best leaders want value-added intelligence and trusted AI outputs, delivered by a company with enterprise-grade security and internal ML/AI capabilities. If you are serious about conversational AI and working with a trusted enterprise AI platform, we encourage you to rigorously analyze and test PatternAI against alternatives. We think you'll see why so many leading enterprises trust PatternAI for their enterprise AI.

Do you charge per seat?

You have various options. You can choose per seat pricing for certain services such as Pattern AI Notetaker for meetings. Other services such as @Pattern, our industry-leading generative AI platform, are based on usage. Enterprises with advanced experience using AI products and services are encouraged to contact our sales team directly to discuss enterprise pricing. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

For smaller accounts and AI needs, PatternAI can easily be purchased online by credit card. Enterprises with more advanced AI needs and greater complexity and volume of AI services are managed through our enterprise sales team. 

Do you charge extra for integrations?

PatternAI offers a growing range of advanced integrations with leading SaaS apps and platforms including sending meeting summaries to Salesforce or HubSpot; or using our AI Notetaker for Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more. For most of our current SaaS applications there is no additional charge for integrations, and they are included with your enterprise PatternAI license. For custom platform integrations and configurations, enterprises are encouraged to contact our sales team. 

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts may offered in certain situations where an enterprise customer or organization has a commitment to a specific volume and certain AI needs. Enterprises with higher volume needs, including those who wish to switch from a current vendor to a more advanced AI Notetaker platform such as PatternAI (or who wish to switch from a public chatbot platform such as chatGPT to @Pattern), are encouraged to contact PatternAI enterprise sales to discuss needs and pricing.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time directly from within your account or online; or you can contact PatternAI directly to discuss which particular AI services you wish to cancel, and PatternAI sales and customer success will be happy assist you. 

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