The World's most advanced AI Notetaker.

Pattern AI Notetaker is automatically attends your meetings with you, and transcribes and summarizes your meetings with stunning insights.

Pattern also captures action items and sends meeting tasks and summaries to your Salesforce and HubSpot, and so much more-- you don’t even need to be there.

You can even ask Pattern any question about your meeting, or ask it to generate any output such as a follow up email, report, or analysis. Pattern will change how you work. 

Work Smarter, With your Personal AI for Work

PatternAI will complete your personal work for you

Talk to Pattern

You can chat with Pattern about your data, ask any question, or give it any task to do for you

AI-Generated Meeting Tasks

AI-generated meeting tasks (assigned by each owner) ensure you’ll never miss a detail

Conversation Intelligence

Ask Pattern any question about your meetings, send smart summaries to your CRM, and more

personal AI for work

PatternAI is enterprise GPT, private, and personal to you

Talk to Pattern, ask it any question, or ask it to generate any output for you in seconds. Need a follow-up sales email based on what was said in the meeting? Pattern will do it for you automatically.

PatternAI knows you and understands context

You can ask Pattern any question about your personal meetings, business data, or personal documents

Process more data, generate more outputs with Pattern

ChatGPT limits to you to 8K tokens. Pattern supports over 100K tokens, so you can process more data, faster

Pattern isn’t a public chatbot

It's your own personal AI. Give Pattern any personal data, document or meeting, and Pattern will generate any output

Get the world's most trusted AI for work, only with PatternAI