Enterprise Conversation Intelligence

True conversation intelligence

If you have conversations that matter, you need PatternAI. PatternAI provides enterprise-grade security, superior meeting summaries and analytics, and true conversation intelligence unmatched in the market today. 

If you have conversations that matter, you need a robot to take notes for you. You need to capture complex topics, facts and figures, names and numbers. You need to capture the nuances of customer pain points and needs. You need to capture action items. Or send it all into your CRM. 

Meetings are the most time-consuming and important thing we do every day. 

What if you could capture your conversations at scale and ask any question about them later? Now you can.

Delegate meetings and get AI insights and summaries

Your own personal AI Notetaker for meetings

Sure, meetings in Zoom, Teams and Google can be recorded and transcribed by their “AI companion”– but the AI is generic and isn’t personalized to you.

Zoom, Teams and Google also can’t send a custom meeting summary, action items or analytics into your CRM such as Salesforce or HubSpot.

Pattern is your own personal AI Notetaker that attends meetings and summarizes them just for you. Pattern can even attend meetings for you. Plus you can ask Pattern any personal or private question about your meetings at a later time. Why use a public AI, shared with everyone else, when you can have your own trusted and personal AI for work. Get Pattern.

One system of intelligence for all your meetings

Was your meeting with MegaBank Industries in Teams or Zoom? Or maybe it was Google Meet. Hard to remember. Finding meeting recordings scattered across different platforms like Teams, Zoom and Google is complicated. Only Pattern gives you a single system of intelligence for all your conversations, across every meeting platform.

Pattern will also automatically sync and send your meeting summary, tasks, and conversation analytics into Salesforce or HubSpot.

Plus only Pattern lets you analyze multiple meetings at once, so you can see patterns and insights across meetings. There’s no other platform like PatternAI in the market today. Try it today to see why.

Delegate meetings and get AI insights and summaries

Superior transcriptions, real conversation intelligence

Transcription quality is critical. Transcripts from different vendors may look the same at first glance, but don’t be fooled. Faulty transcripts give you faulty insights. We know, because we invest heavily in our transcription quality.

Whether you’re an individual analyzing your own meetings, or a sales and marketing team studying hundreds of calls for customer insights, if you care about what people are saying in meetings, you need the best possible transcripts.

We encourage you to rigorously test Pattern against any competitor to see the difference.

Ask Pattern about numerous conversations at once

Only PatternAI gives you the ability to analyze numerous meetings, emails and Slack messages at once. That’s because PatternAI was the first company in the world to offer advanced enterprise conversation intelligence through conversational AI.

So while ChatGPT is a popular chatbot, it doesn’t have your enterprise meeting data, and it can’t analyze numerous meetings at once. And other AI Notetakers don’t have deep conversational AI capabilities that PatternAI has.

Trust the world’s most advanced conversational AI platform in the market today, with PatternAI.   

Get answers, not analytics

At PatternAI, we believe dashboards are outdated, a remnant of a bygone “BI” era of colorful charts and generic data visualizations. And popular analytics tools like Tableau and Looker can’t analyze meetings like PatternAI can.

You won’t find “dashboards” in your PatternAI account. However, you will find unrivaled conversational AI, because PatternAI was purpose-built for enterprise conversation intelligence.

Trust the most advanced conversational AI platform

Dashboards in other AI Notetakers or videoconference meeting platforms have so-called “AI companions”, transcriptions, and colorful charts, but they don’t give you real conversation intelligence. PatternAI didn’t add AI to its product– PatternAI is a deep AI-architected company from the ground up, to give you unmatched conversational intelligence. 

See hidden patterns in your conversations

What did that prospect say when the sentiment suddenly turned negative? Are they likely to become a customer? And what questions did your sales rep ask across those last 5 meetings? Pattern knows. Pattern can tell you in seconds what other platforms can’t tell you at all. 

Identify meeting moments that move the needle

Pattern can show you more than meeting sentiment at any given moment. Pattern tells you the magnitude of sentiment, the meeting engagement, topic patterns and more, to help you identify essential meeting moments that move the needle. No other AI Notetaker product, or Teams, Zoom, or Google can give you PatternAI’s depth of conversational intelligence. If you need real conversation insights, trust PatternAI to tell you. 

Pattern can process both documents and meetings

If you use chatGPT for meeting analysis, you know it’s clunky and prone to hallucination, and analyzing multiple meetings with chatGPT isn’t possible. And if you use basic AI Notetakers, you know they lack enterprise security, their transcription quality is faulty, and they lack enterprise AI capabilities.

Trust PatternAI instead. Pattern is seamlessly connected to your meeting data, and you can ask Pattern anything about any meeting. Plus you can even upload documents to Pattern as well. Trust the platform that was purpose-built for your enterprise conversational AI needs– PatternAI.

Get the world's most trusted AI for work, only with PatternAI